Robert’s Rules of Order

How to use Point of Order and Appeal

Point of Order and Appeal are essential motions for every member of an elected public body, a nonprofit board, an academic senate, or any group that functions on democratic principles. They are key to effective use of Robert’s Rules of Order.

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Citizen’s Guide to Effective Public Meetings

Your Citizen’s Guide to Effective Public Meetings is now available for interested citizens and residents. If you want to know the expectations for public meetings under parliamentary procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order, explained clearly and elegantly, download this Citizen’s Guide today!

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Reclaiming my time is not relevant in Robert’s Rules of Order

The fascinating exchange on July 27, 2017 between Representative Maxine Waters (California) and Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin has reverberated far beyond Washington, DC. Representative Waters sought a direct answer to a specific question. When the Secretary failed to answer, she interrupted him numerous times, referring to the House Rules of Order, with the…

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Robert’s Rules has special rules for small boards

The special rules for small boards are one of the best-kept secrets of Robert’s Rules of Order. If you serve on a small board (up to about 12 people) you may benefit from the flexibility that the special rules for small boards offer. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th edition (the only current valid…

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Fill in the blank: an easy way to make hard choices

fill in the blank

Have you ever wondered whether a fill in the blank approach could be useful to your board or council? Sometimes a board of directors has to make hard choices about selling property, giving the executive director a raise, making an appointment or choosing a date to schedule an event. Robert’s Rules of Order offers an…

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Republicans won’t propose Robert’s Rules for convention

The news that the Republican National Committee voted down a proposal to substitute Robert’s Rules of Order for the RNC standard rules at their national convention in Cleveland this July comes as no surprise. As a committee member from Georgia said, “We’re basically in the seventh inning of a ballgame, and I don’t think it’s…

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