Self-Paced Courses to Help You Understand and Apply Robert’s Rules


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We understand that sometimes our live online workshop schedule doesn’t align with everyone’s busy days. That’s why we created self-paced courses to help you understand the important principles of Robert’s Rules that you can use to make your meetings more efficient and fair.

Just like our workshops, our self-paced courses for Robert’s Rules focus on the top practices that elected officials, board members, and secretaries can use to help them hold effective and efficient meetings while limiting the drama that comes when a variety of personalities and sometimes conflicting goals come together.

I am loving this class I am taking! My need to run the meetings efficiently and effectively requires more than a modicum of proficiency.
Barbara Morgan

Ann Macfarlane has helped me to a deeper understanding that Robert's Rules are intended to help determine the will of groups and give them tools to take action, not thwart them.
Jackie Schad, Ashland School District

Robert’s Rules of Order is an excellent starting point for improving your meetings—and oftentimes these rules are a requirement for public gatherings. However, the dry and boring text, originally from 1876, doesn’t capture the imagination in a way that helps the information stick. This “skim and guess” method often leads people to misinterpret the materials, and while good-intentioned, take meetings even further off course.

After completing one of our self-paced courses, you will:

  • Feel confident that you can use the best that Robert’s Rules has to offer and apply it to your meetings.
  • Understand specific tactics of Robert’s Rules that are used most frequently and effectively.
  • Be able to speak up during a meeting should you come in conflict with a meeting participant who has misinterpreted the rules.

Our self-paced courses:

  • Are designed to be affordable and actionable
  • Focus on one topic at a time so that you can build upon your knowledge at your own pace
  • Are available for you to revisit as often as you wish during your enrollment period
  • Include a hefty packet of invaluable reference materials that you can share freely with others
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Thank you for this course. It is invaluable to learn how to make motions and what the process is for the Chair to follow to conduct a meeting correctly. The more we learn the more effective we are. Really appreciate your time and expertise.
Johnna Exner, Ferry County Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions 

When does the course start and finish?

You receive access to the course as soon as you register and is available to you for 30 days for regular courses, 60 days for Meeting Minutes, and life-time access for Take Control of Your Meetings. The courses are entirely self-paced. You can start and resume at your leisure.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

Elderly woman Ann Macfarlane, with short gray hair, glasses, and a green patterned shirt, smiling while standing in front of blurred stairs.

Hi. I'm Ann Macfarlane. I know the frustration of trying to make sense of Robert’s Rules of Order. The book is complex and difficult to easily implement.

I’ve already done the work. Now I help elected officials and nonprofit board members, like you, learn and understand Robert’s Rules because it’s hard to make progress in ineffective meetings.

I’ve worked for the U.S. government, as a nonprofit volunteer president, an executive director, and a staff assistant, so I understand the challenges each role and organizational structure has.

I have answered 100s of actual on-the-job questions about Robert’s Rules. I can help you, too.