Quick Introduction to Robert's Rules



Quick Introduction to Robert's Rules is your convenient and easy way to build a foundation of knowledge. The course consists of 7 daily lessons, each taking five minutes to read. You will be amazed at how quickly you can grasp and apply the basics of Robert's Rules of Order. $17

Robert’s Rules is a complicated book, but this course will give you the introductory knowledge that you need to start using it well. Enroll to receive 7 emails, one a day, on these subjects:

1. The most fundamental principle
2. Discussion
3. Inappropriate remarks
4. Agendas and motions
5. Voting and quorum
6. Getting your board to buy in
7. Leadership

Each message is short and interesting, and conveys useful information for you and your board of directors or elected local government. Enroll in this course today, get your Quick Introduction to Robert’s Rules, and run better meetings right away!