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Learn how to hold online meetings using video or teleconference following Robert’s Rules of Order

Webinar: Effective Video and Telephone Meetings

75 minutes

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Tuesday, March 24    10:00 am Pacific

Thursday, March 26   4:00 pm Pacific

Monday, March 30   12:00 pm Pacific

Wednesday, April 1   4:00 pm Pacific

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Hi! I’m Ann Macfarlane and I understand the pain of dysfunctional meetings

I know the challenge of holding discussions when tempers are hot and feelings run high. I’ve felt the embarrassment of not knowing how to give everyone a fair shake in discussion.

The surprising answer is Robert’s Rules of Order. This system provides effective tools for any group, even a very casual one. I’ve helped thousands of elected officials and nonprofit leaders cut hours off their meeting time and strengthen their decision-making process.

We take the 800+ pages of Robert's Rules and make them practical and user-friendly for you. Welcome to our site with dozens of resources!

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Our book, Mastering Council Meetings

Run great meetings with this user-friendly book. Read reader reviews here.