Turn your dysfunctional meetings into well-run and effective meetings with Robert's Rules

Robert's Rules are complicated—we help make it simple.
Ann Macfarlane brings her fun and engaging teaching style to help you implement Robert's Rules and take back control of your meetings.

Elected Official

Streamline your council’s meeting process so you can perform the role you are elected to do and transform the community you serve.

Clerk Secretary

Increase your effectiveness so that you take brilliant minutes and can advise your organization on parliamentary issues.

School Board Director

Manage school board meetings so all directors are engaged and key issues are addressed to benefit students, teachers, and the community.

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Thursday, September 22, 10 am Pacific time
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Are these scenarios familiar in your meetings?

Zoom meetings are inefficient

The chair acts like “the boss” instead of a facilitator

Dominant personalities dominate discussion

Lots of talk… without making decisions

Emotions run high

Meetings take too long

Meetings are part of the job.

They’re how progress is made…but are you really making progress if your meetings waste time and energy?

Use core principles of Robert's Rules for fair and effective meetings!

Here’s what others have said about our trainings…

Our Planning Commission Chair and Co-Chair both expressed to me that they felt this was the best training for Commissioners they’ve attended. This class will definitely help us all better prepare for and lead more efficient and effective Commission meetings.

Kellye Hilde, Deputy Director of Community Development, City of Sammamish

Ann understands the value of good governing. She takes what is complicated and boils it down to the essentials and most practical.

Jon Mutchler, former Mayor, City of Ferndale

Ann takes what could be a dreary and dry topic and makes it relevant and dare I say, fun! Truly, we have already put the training to good use in our meetings. The structure provides both a level of professionalism and efficiency that has really helped us address our work better. Somewhat surprisingly, the use of Robert's Rules, while sometimes feeling overly formal, actually helps all voices to be heard while arriving at a decision.

Sam Gibboney, Executive Director, Port of Olympia

Improve Your Next Meeting for only $17. Guaranteed.

If the thought of your next meeting makes you anxious, then take action right now and transform your meetings.

The Quick Introduction to Robert’s Rules email course is a great way to get started.

Identify the most fundamental principle for better meetings. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Learn what to do with inappropriate comments. There are some things you just can’t say.

Develop skills to keep your meeting on track. We’ll show you how to stop putting things off because of poor meetings.