Becoming a parliamentarian step-by-step

Picture of Texas Senate Parliamentarian talking with Senator

A reader wrote, saying that he had been running a summer camp for 23 years, and would like a change of occupation. What would it take to become a parliamentarian? I had to reply that becoming a parliamentarian is not an easy career path. Most parliamentarians I know either have another job, or are retired.…

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Robert’s isn’t the only game in town – consider AIPSC

Guest post by Weldon L. Merritt, PRP, CPP Does your organization use Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) as its parliamentary authority? Do you sometimes feel daunted by RONR’s 700+ pages and its often seemingly archaic terminology? If so, you may be interested to learn that RONR is not your only choice for a…

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Free or inexpensive video conferencing resources and services

We offer this list as a service to our readers. Inclusion here does not imply endorsement. Craig Freshley offers a handy introduction to how to use ZOOM on his website here. Several free conference calling services are also available, such as Avaya Spaces (Up to 50 participants free) Google Hangouts Meet  (Gsuite basic…

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Great planning commission resource now free

logo of Planners Web

PlannersWeb, a long-time source of excellent advice for planning commissions, has now made all its content available free to all. Check out their website for dozens of invaluable articles and to-the-point guidance. If you are a citizen member of a planning commission, a staff planner, or elected official concerned with planning issues, you’ll find much relevant advice…

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Cheat sheet for the chair

My new folding business card includes a “cheat sheet for the chair.” It’s our summary of what the person running a meeting really needs to know (see below). I gave one to a senior elected official this week. He read the first line and said, half-joking, “the servant of the group, not the boss?! That…

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