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Great planning commission resource now free

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PlannersWeb, a long-time source of excellent advice for planning commissions, has now made all its content available free to all. Check out their website for dozens of invaluable articles and to-the-point guidance. If you are a citizen member of a planning commission, a staff planner, or elected official concerned with planning issues, you’ll find much relevant advice…

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Cheat sheet for the chair

My new folding business card includes a “cheat sheet for the chair.” It’s our summary of what the person running a meeting really needs to know (see below). I gave one to a senior elected official this week. He read the first line and said, half-joking, “the servant of the group, not the boss?! That…

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How to become a parliamentarian

Picture of Texas Senate Parliamentarian talking with Senator

Several of our faithful readers have asked how one becomes a parliamentarian. We thought it might be helpful to lay out two approaches: the straight path of booklearning, and the broad path of practice. This article also includes suggested tools and resources.

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