Free Robert’s Rules motions chart

Are you puzzled by the system of motions in Robert’s Rules? It’s a very specific aspect of parliamentary procedure that can seem mystifying and muddling. Yet once you get a handle on it, it’s not so bad!

Here is a free chart for download that shows the relationships of key motions in Robert’s Rules of Order.

Download PDF of motions chart

We also offer this laminated motions chart on our cheat sheet, “Wait! Wait! What Should I Say!” Purchase it here.

You can learn more about how the system works in these articles:

Precedence of motions in Robert’s Rules

Processing motions in Robert’s Rules

Amendment in Robert’s Rules

Our book, Mastering Council Meetings: A Guidebook for Elected Officials and Local Governments, includes lots more information. Download a free sample chapter here.

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Ann Macfarlane

Ann G. Macfarlane is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. She offers an interactive and user-friendly way to master the key points for effective, efficient and fair meetings. Her background as a diplomat and Russian translator enables her to connect with elected officials and nonprofit board directors and give them the tools they need for success. She is the author of Mastering Council Meetings: A guidebook for elected officials and local governments.