Can we pull back an item that was postponed two months ahead?

By Ann Macfarlane / December 7, 2023 / Comments Off on Can we pull back an item that was postponed two months ahead?

Dear Dinosaur: At our December board meeting, the board postponed an agenda item to early February. Is there any proper way to pull the item back early? Answer: Interestingly enough, Robert’s Rules allows an item to be postponed only to the next meeting, if it falls within a quarterly interval. You can read more about…

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Two motions at once?

By Ann Macfarlane / June 2, 2022 /

Dear Dinosaur: At a recent board meeting, a motion was made and seconded and there was discussion. During discussion, another motion was made and seconded to delay consideration of the original motion until the next board meeting (we have monthly meetings). A challenge to this second motion was made stating that the original motion was…

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Table, Postpone, or Postpone Indefinitely

By Ann Macfarlane / June 11, 2020 /

  The motion “To Lay on the Table” is commonly shortened to “Table.” This is a motion that is often misused. The correct use of this motion is to put a Main Motion aside for a short while because some other more urgent business has arisen. It can only be made once a Main Motion…

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Avoiding action in Robert’s Rules

By Ann Macfarlane / November 26, 2019 / Comments Off on Avoiding action in Robert’s Rules

Guest post by Colette Collier Trohan on how NOT to do things by avoiding action in Robert’s Rules. Many thanks Colette for this useful summary! Have you ever been in a meeting and had the sinking feeling there was no good path forward? If the motion was adopted, perhaps it would inadvertently send the wrong…

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