Newly elected? 6 key questions for success

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Congratulations on being elected to your nonprofit board of directors!

Here are six key questions as you prepare for your new gig, with answers below:

  1. What is my moral and legal “duty of care” as a nonprofit board director?
  2. Is it a good idea to “go along to get along” on a nonprofit board?
  3. What do I have to know about my nonprofit’s finances?
  4. Who’s in charge of our meetings?
  5. How can we have effective meetings?
  6. I’m confused about “motions” in Robert’s Rules – how does the system work?

Duty of care: Duty of care is critical for nonprofit board directors

Going along to get along: My board is too nice 

Nonprofit finances: Who’s responsible for the money?

Who’s in charge?  The chair is not in charge of your meeting

Effective meetings: Follow four fundamental guidelines for successful meetings

How motions work: Processing motions in Robert’s Rules

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