Inspired Leadership

“The Intern” and my love story

photo of two people

My oldest son took me to see the movie “The Intern” and I loved every bit of it. Afterwards, I realized that the arc of the story line followed my own love story. In my twenties, I was a “bright young thing” enjoying a great career with the State Department. Everything looked great on the…

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Avoiding amygdala hijack

drawing of amygdala

My nephew was visiting us last weekend when he was hijacked. One moment, he was an affable, engaged and charming member of the family — the next, a seething mass of rage and anguish. I reacted with compassion. I knew that he doesn’t yet have the skills to prevent his amygdala from taking over. But…

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How to be the right kind of dictator

painting of Napoleon

It sometimes comes as a shock to newly elected leaders that running good meetings requires being a dictator. It is essential for the chair of a meeting to enforce the rules that the group has decided upon for fair discussion. If your board has adopted an agenda that allows 20 minutes for a given topic,…

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You have to relax to lead

This is Sibelius month in Seattle, and the Seattle symphony is performing all his major pieces. At last week’s performance of Symphony No. 2, I was mesmerized by the conductor. Thomas Dausgaard and the orchestra appeared to breathe as a single organism. I have never seen any large group act in such complete harmony. It…

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