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We had some wild stories at our webinar on “difficult board chair or member.” One person commented, “Seems like Zoom makes all interactions tougher and bolder.” While the norm has not descended to the level of the Handforth Parish Council (see this internet sensation here, or search for “Jackie Weaver”), clearly many meetings are problematic.

We took a poll about actions that merit sanction. Another attendee asked us to share those results, saying, “It would really help me in my discussions with Council and public to let them know that human behavior is what is challenging us, not just individual behavior.” I thought that our readers might find this poll interesting as well. You will note that four-fifths of the attendees have experienced members failing to observe the rules of discussion.

Sanctionable Actions Poll - February 2021

Which of these actions have you observed in a local government body? (Check as many as apply)
Failing to offer courtesy and respect31/4274%
Using foul or abusive language18/4243%
Failing to observe the rules of discussion: interrupting others, speaking out of turn, speaking beyond established time limits33/4279%
Violating the confidentiality of executive session.13/4231%
Failing to observe ethics guidelines22/4252%
Taking actions outside that meeting that attempt to undermine a board decision28/4267%

This is a selective response, of course, since by definition people who seek out a webinar on difficult people are dealing with difficulties! How about you? Are your meetings going smoothly? Here’s a short anonymous survey (4 quick questions). If you have a minute, Jurassic Parliament would love to hear from you.

And if you decide you’d like help, we now offer our on-demand webinar “Difficult Board Chair or Member” at this link. Thanks, as always, for your input!

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