Be Prepared with our Newly Elected Survival Guide Zoom Workshop

Thursday, November 16, 10 am Pacific time

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Congratulations! There is something special about winning an election and being chosen to represent your community. But now that the excitement has worn off, and you’re approaching the start of your term, like many newly elected officials, you’re probably thinking…

“Uh oh. Now what?”

Especially if you’ve never held an elected position before, you might be wondering…

  • How will meetings be conducted? What will I need to know beforehand?
  • What should I do if things start getting out of hand?
  • When am I allowed to speak in a meeting, and in what order?
  • I’ve heard of Robert’s Rules before, but I really don't understand it. Do I really need to know EVERYTHING?

Or, maybe you’re not new to elected positions, but you still have questions about…

  • What are the best practices when applying Robert’s Rules?
  • What is the difference between “discussion” and “conversation” in meetings? (Yes, there is a difference.)
  • When are two-thirds votes required instead of the usual majority vote?
  • When should I second a motion even if I disagree with it?

These are just a few of the questions we’ve seen time and again from newly elected officials—you're not alone.

But don’t worry—Jurassic Parliament and Robert’s Rules of Order are here to help!

Led by Professional Registered Parliamentarian Ann Macfarlane, our Live Zoom Workshop is a combination of a fun, informative lecture plus interactive Q&A and breakout session.

I’m not sure why training on Roberts Rules of Order is a hard sell. It’s informative and assists in keeping meetings decent and in order. Very little can be accomplished when meetings turn into free-for-alls. I consider Robert’s Rules to be a necessity very similar to having police laws or ordinances. Everyone can be heard, just not at the same time. We use Robert’s Rules as our foundation at City of Camas council and workshop meetings.

Shannon L. Roberts, Councilmember, City of Camas, Washington

Our Newly Elected Survival Guide is the perfect live, interactive session for any newly elected official.

As a participant in this live Zoom session, you will learn:

  1. What are the meeting steps that are often neglected but are important for effective meetings?
  2. How to perfect a motion—and why the order of discussing and voting on motions can be confusing, but once you get it, it’s a powerful practice.
  3. The rules for voting, including special requirements for changing your vote.
  4. Specific examples of problematic things people might say in a meeting—and example statements following Robert’s Rules of Order to get your meetings back on track.

If you ran for office because you wanted to make a difference and challenge the status quo, understanding how to effectively implement Robert’s Rules for Order will set you up for success on your first day in office.

Ann, I found the webinar to be very helpful. Your manner of presenting is very comforting. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I find the whole website the best ever.

Laura Rabb Morgan, Chicago

What do I get for attending?

Along with the ability to get your questions answered during the session by Professional Registered Parliamentarian Ann Macfarlane, you will also receive:

  • 75 minutes of access to Registered Parliamentarian Ann Macfarlane ($110 value)
  • Recording of the workshop available to you for 30 days after the live session ($110 value)
  • Discount coupon code for 50% off our popular laminated cheat sheet, “Wait! Wait! What Should I Say?” ($5 value)
  • BONUS #1: We open our workshops 30 minutes before the start time for casual networking and collaboration with other attendees. Plus you can queue up your questions in advance during this time.
  • BONUS #2: Extensive packet of key reference materials that you can share freely with others ($100 value)

This whole package is valued at $325, but we are currently offering this important workshop for only $47. Since registration is limited, we encourage you to register today before we fill up.


  • What if my schedule changed and I can no longer make it to the live workshop?

While we highly recommend you attend the live session so that you can make sure your own questions are answered, our sessions are recorded and you will have 30 days to access the recorded session.

  • Can I get a refund if I don’t attend?

Since we offer a recording of the session, we do not offer refunds.

  • Can I bring more additional people to this workshop on my registration?

Since this is virtual, we do request that each individual participant purchase their own seat.

  • Will you offer this workshop at another time?

While we can’t make any promises, this is a popular and much-needed workshop, so we may offer it in the future. However, since we do share the recording, we encourage you that if you think you need this information, you should register and then listen to the recording. Plus, you will still get access to the extensive reference materials and coupon code for the cheat sheet.


Hi. I'm Ann Macfarlane. I know the frustration of trying to make sense of Robert’s Rules of Order. The book is complex and difficult to easily implement.

I’ve already done the work, Now I help elected officials and nonprofit board members, like you, learn and understand Robert’s Rules because it’s hard to make progress in ineffective meetings.

I’ve worked for the U.S. government, as a nonprofit volunteer president, an executive director, and a staff assistant, so I understand the challenges each role and organizational structure has.

I have answered 100s of actual on-the-job questions about Robert’s Rules. I can help you, too.