Master essential skills for efficient, fair
and democratic meetings

You're elected to serve your community...which means your job involves board meetings—lots and lots of board meetings.

You know the pain of inefficient and unproductive meetings:

  • Members don't know Robert's Rules, or they ignore them
  • Emotions are high
  • Lots of talking...without making a decision
  • Members demean and belittle others
  • The chair acts like "the boss" instead of facilitator
  • No one follows the agenda
  • Dominant personalities dominate

Put an end to inefficient meetings that cost time & money. Here’s how:

Take Control of Your Meetings Online Course

Take Control of Your Meetings online course will give you essential skills you need in order to master meeting procedure and jargon so that your meetings are efficient, fair, and democratic.

How to Take Control of Your Meetings


Get LIFETIME ACCESS with a NO RISK 30-day money back guarantee.


Quick and easy-to-digest videos, with actionable steps to implement in your next board meeting.


Members contribute effectively and efficiently to complete business.

What Makes Take Control of Your Meetings So Different?

Other course makers expect you to read the entire 800 pages of Robert’s Rules of Order. It’s tedious, dull, and boring… and their courses are the same: tedious, dull, and boring.

Take Control of Your Meetings teaches you 7 key guidelines and principles in short video lessons that are easy to grasp and applywithout the burden of reading the entire volume of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Presented by Ann Macfarlane, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, the course material is entertaining, compact, easy to apply and most important, memorable so that you can implement changes to your next board meeting.

Thousands of people have already benefitted from the course material and have transformed their meetings from inefficient and chaotic to effective and democratic.


Learning Robert’s Rules is fun?! Here’s what Joleen said:

“Ann does a fabulous job making Robert’s Rules fun to learn. She is an engaging, dynamic instructor!”
~Joleen Peterson-Jones, Land Use Planner, JMJ Team

An older woman holds a toy dinosaur in front of a group of seated people in a conference room, sparking curiosity as she introduces the Roberts Rules online course.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what other participants have to say:

"Keeps the momentum going...What I appreciated most was how the lectures pivoted on core principles; very manageable bites."

Paul White, Commission Clerk, Port of Seattle

"I loved the course. The materials provide real value to organizations by helping to improve productivity and the quality of their discussions."

Cynthia Foley, Policy Analyst, Sound Cities Association

"Each time I learn something new that assists me in my role as a presider of meetings."

Jon Mutchler, past mayor, City of Ferndale, Washington

"I've been using the tips Ann taught and the board chair and vice chair are eager to implement what I learned."

Julie Catala, Executive Secretary of Corvallis School Board

What's my investment?

How much money are you wasting in ineffective meetings where your members talk over each other and business is never completed?

How much time would it take for you to read the 800-page volume of Robert’s Rules of Order?

When you purchase Take Control of Your Meetings today, you’ll get the key to…

  • Handle difficult or challenging members
  • Use the chair’s authority wisely
  • Stop people from breaking the rules
  • Eliminate confusion
  • Make fair and democratic decisions
  • Complete business

It all comes as part of the online digital course. The course includes:

  • 7 learning units
  • 16 unique video topics
  • Lifetime access
  • No risk 30-day money back guarantee

PLUS, when you buy today, you’ll get a comprehensive 35 DOCUMENT RESOURCE LIBRARY as my bonus to you. Titles will include:

  • Small board rules are different
  • Do you have a bully on board?
  • Remedies for abuse of authority by the chair


Stop wasting time and money.

  • Get control of your meetings
  • Get your voice heard
  • Get your business completed