Self-Paced Course – Take Control of Your Meetings Using Robert’s Rules

What Makes Take Control of Your Meetings So Different?

Other course makers expect you to read the entire 800 pages of Robert’s Rules of Order. It’s tedious, dull, and boring… and their courses are the same: tedious, dull, and boring.

Take Control of Your Meetings teaches you 7 key guidelines and principles in short video lessons that are easy to grasp and applywithout the burden of reading the entire volume of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Presented by Ann Macfarlane, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, the course material is entertaining, compact, easy to apply and most important, memorable so that you can implement changes at your next board meeting.

Thousands of people have already benefitted from the course material and have transformed their meetings from inefficient and chaotic to effective and democratic. Sign up today and run better meetings tomorrow!

Cost $197. Registration is valid for 30 days.

This course is hosted on our Roberts Rules Online Courses platform.



Master essential skills for efficient, fair and democratic meetings! Our enjoyable online course takes you through the principles, techniques and tools to run effective meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order. The course consists of short videos, 3-6 minutes long, that you can watch at your convenience on phone, tablet or computer, just 2 hours in all. You can turn painful and unproductive meetings into powerful sessions that get the work of your board done.You know the pain of efficient and unproductive meetings. These days many meetings take too long, and people aren’t able to come to solid conclusions and take action. There is a better way!

BONUS: Extensive reference materials are included. Short, enjoyable articles explain the tricky parts of Robert’s Rules of Order and help you apply them easily and correctly.


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