Self-Paced Course – Difficult Board Chair or Member

Elected chairs sometimes assume that they are the “decider” and can direct the course of board meetings as they choose. What can members do when a chair has this misunderstanding? What if it’s a board member who lacks the spirit of cooperation and compromise? Robert’s Rules has answers for you!

Cost $37. Registration valid for 30 days.

This course is hosted on our Robert’s Rules Online Courses platform.



The workshop consists of one video recording and extensive reference materials, including real-life examples of sanction and censure.


  1. Introduction
  2. Managing behavior
  3. Role of the chair
  4. Point of Order and Appeal
  5. Difficult member
  6. Sanctions
  7. Difficult chair
  8. Conclusion

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May 4, 2023, Oct 5, 2023


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