Self-Paced Course – Great Planning Commission Meetings

Planning commissions are a vital part of community functioning. Economics and emotions are all mixed up in the issues they consider. How can you balance community needs and member views? Learn how to conduct effective discussion and public comment. Review 9 planning commission pitfalls and acquire tips and tools for great meetings. The course content applies to all citizen advisory commissions, boards, and committees.

Cost $37. Registration valid for 30 days.

This course is hosted on our Robert’s Rules Online Courses platform.



The course consists of one video recording and extensive reference materials.


  1. Introduction
  2. Meeting discussion, Point of Order and Appeal
  3. Motions and Amendments
  4. Authority and role of chair, members, and staff
  5. How to do this?
  6. Planning commission and citizen advisory committee pitfalls
  7. Conclusion


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