Self-Paced Course – Great Nonprofit Board Meetings

Nonprofit board members are passionate about their cause, but it can be challenging to channel that passion into action. Learn the principles, guidelines, tips and tools that will give everyone a voice and ensure the best possible decisions by your board. This engaging course will put everyone on the same page and strengthen your board process for the future. The content applies to nonprofits, membership organizations, professional associations, trade associations, unions, HOAs, political parties, clubs and more.

Cost $37. Registration valid for 30 days.

This course is hosted on our Robert’s Rules Online Courses platform.




The course consists of a video recording and extensive reference materials.


  1. Introduction
  2. Two big challenges
  3. Authority and role of chair, board members, and staff
  4. Meeting discussion
  5. Courtesy and respect
  6. One thing at a time
  7. Your role as leader
  8. Review and conclusion


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