Digital Download – Guidelines for Meeting Minutes in Local Government


This free short paper lays out key aspects of meeting minutes for local government bodies. City councils, special districts, school boards, county councils – clerks and secretaries need to know how to process the minutes of these essential organizations.  Available at no charge as a service to clerks and secretaries and the local governments they serve.


We describe both how to process meeting minutes according to Robert’s Rules of Order, and when local governments may follow their own customs. Learn why it is not advisable to give details of who said what. Instead, focus on the actions taken. Please note that nothing in this publication constitutes legal advice.


  • What kind of minutes?
  • What to include in minutes
  • Don’t include in minutes
  • Voting in meeting minutes
  • Reports in meeting minutes
  • Processing and approving the minutes
  • Recordings of the meeting
  • Changing the minutes



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