Digital Download – What Is a Quorum FAQs


This free short article lists 20 frequently asked questions about quorums. Learn what a quorum is, how to calculate it, what to do if you don’t have a quorum, and more. A shaky quorum can undermine the legitimacy of your organization’s action. Be informed and know how to address these questions when they arise.


This article is six pages long. The content is based on Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 12th edition, Chapter XI, Section 40. Contents:

Quorum Basics

  1. What is a quorum?
  2. How is “quorum” different from “votes cast”?
  3. Who or what defines the quorum?
  4. How large should a quorum be?
  5. Who announces the quorum?
  6. When do you need a quorum?
  7. Can you suspend the quorum requirement?
  8. What does it mean to say “majority of the quorum”?
  9. What is the origin of the word “quorum”?

Losing the Quorum

  1. If we don’t have a quorum at the start of the meeting, what actions can we take?
  2. If we have a quorum at the start of the meeting, does it continue regardless?
  3. Can someone leave to break the quorum?
  4. If you’re in the room and say nothing, are you still part of the quorum?
  5. What if nobody says anything about losing the quorum?
  6. If you abstain, does that affect the quorum?

Quorum Problems

  1. What if state law says something different about quorum?
  2. What is a “walking quorum,” “rolling quorum, ”or “serial meeting”?
  3. What is the IRS position on quorums?
  4. What if my nonprofit board has gathered but we’re short of a quorum?
  5. What if we can’t obtain a quorum to amend our bylaws?


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