Ebook – More Robert’s Rules for Local Governments


This unique collection contains insights and tips for you to run great meetings of your city council, school board, special district, or other local government body. The simple and powerful articles expand on our book, Mastering Council Meetings: A Guidebook for Elected Officials and Local Governments.  Check out the contents below to see how this invaluable material will give you the tools you need.


Get answers to many practical questions that arise during board and council meetings. This collection expands on our book Mastering Council Meetings: A Guidebook for Elected Officials and Local Governments. The short user-friendly articles answer tough questions about Robert’s Rules for local governments that Jurassic Parliament has received over the last 15 years – a unique resource available only here! You will thrive as chair of your city or town council, planning commission, school board or special district using this clear and easy-to-understand information.


Cheat Sheet: Language tips for meeting management
Criticizing a board decision in public
Essential Guidelines for City Councils
Follow four fundamental guidelines for successful meetings
Guidelines for Meeting Minutes in Local Government
Guidelines for Public Comment in Local Government
How do you “call the question” in Robert’s Rules?
How to be objective about subjective comments
Inappropriate Remarks on Local Government Councils
Lost the vote? Don’t sabotage the council
Minutes record what is done, not what is said
Point of Order and Appeal are the heart of democracy
Rights and Responsibilities of the Member
Sample Discussion Guidelines for Local Governments
Sanctioning rogue board members
Small board rules are different
Successful staff interaction in local government meetings
Suspend the rules with extreme caution
The chair is not in charge of your meeting
Time limits create productive meetings
Tips for local government bodies meeting remotely
Unanimous consent will slash your meeting time
What are the duties of the chair?
When and how do you pass the gavel?
When does the chair discuss and vote?

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