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Use Robert's Rules to serve your community.

Difficult Board Chair or Member
Bring people in line using Robert's Rules
45 minutes. $27Enroll today!
Get What You Want Using Motions
Use motions to achieve your goals
54 minutes. $27Enroll today!
Great City Council Meetings
Run effective and fair meetings
45 minutes. $27Enroll today!
Great Nonprofit Board Meetings
Advance your cause through great meetings
45 minutes. $27Enroll today!
Great Planning Commission Meetings
Avoid 9 common pitfalls
50 minutes. $27Enroll today!
Great School Board Meetings
Serve your school community effectively
52 minutes, $27Enroll today!
Meeting Minutes and Role of the Clerk
Process your minutes brilliantly
72 minutes. $57Enroll today!
Newly Elected Survival Guide
Participate in your meetings from day one
45 minutes. $27Enroll today!

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