On-demand webinars

Better Meetings Advance Social Justice - free

Hear Laura Morgan's personal story of how she became a Black Parliamentarian, and get the tools to channel passion into action.

Effective Video and Telephone Meetings

This on-demand webinar reviews whether remote meetings are possible for your organization, and presents best practices to run effective meetings by video or telephone. Get the insights you need to run powerful meetings at a distance. Reduced from $37 to $9 for a limited time only.

Meeting Minutes in Robert's Rules

Processing meeting minutes in Robert's Rules can be tricky! Learn the key points in this on-demand webinar and process your minutes brilliantly. Extensive materials provided. $57

Newly Elected Survival Guide

As a newly elected official, you want to participate from day one. This on-demand webinar gives you the key concepts from Robert's Rules to do just that, in a snappy and engaging style. $37


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