CSDA 2019

November 13, 2019 @ 10:15 am – 2:45 pm
Embassy Suites Monterey Bay - Seaside
1441 Canyon Del Rey Road Seaside CA 93955
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Advanced Robert’s Rules for Clerks and Secretaries

Board directors faced with challenging situations turn to the clerk/secretary to ask what to do next. Learn how to process more complicated motions and how best to advise your directors. We will cover the motions to reconsider, to rescind, to amend something previously adopted, to table and to postpone.

The Role of the Clerk and Meeting Minutes

Taking meeting minutes can pose unexpected problems for clerks and secretaries of the board. Learn best practices for taking and processing minutes according to Robert’s Rules of Order. We will cover what should and should not be included in minutes, what to do when someone says “I want it on the record!” and how the clerk can intervene when essential content is missing. Note that this session does not cover the mental task of listening and scribing minutes, rather, it describes problems that the presenter has encountered in her twelve years of working with clerks at the Northwest Clerks Institute and other clerks’ associations in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.