Learn how to improve your next meeting with Robert’s Rules

When you need specialized help, webinars are perfect for your busy schedule because they explore only one main subject matter from Robert’s Rules of Order. You get focused training without filtering through unrelated information.

Whether you’re elected in government, serve a nonprofit, or work in the public sector, Ann Macfarlane offers insider guidance about using Robert’s Rules for your next board or council meeting.

Ann’s enjoyable teaching style will surprise you by how quickly you learn and understand Robert’s Rules.

Webinars are the best resource to save time & money

Robert’s Rules is still the #1 rulebook for efficient and effective meetings, but it’s complex and difficult to easily implement.

Jurassic Parliament offers webinars by Ann Macfarlane that are designed to help you get the benefit of using Robert’s Rules of Order quickly…

  • On-demand webinars are available for you to watch any time...and anywhere
  • Watch a webinar together at your next board meeting… then be amazed at how efficiently the rest of your meeting runs.
  • Webinars have one main focus, so you get a deeper understanding on the information you’re most interested to learn.
  • Have a specific question about how to use Robert’s Rules in your organization? Live webinars give you a chance to ask Ann directly… without the additional travelling costs to attend an in-person session.

Hi. I’m Ann Macfarlane.

I know the frustration of trying to make sense of Robert’s Rules of Order. The book is complex and difficult to easily implement.

I’ve already done the work. Now I help elected officials and nonprofit board members, like you, learn and understand Robert’s Rules because it’s hard to make progress in ineffective meetings.

Our webinars include such topics as:

I’ve worked for the U.S. government, as a nonprofit volunteer president, an executive director, and a staff assistant, so I understand the challenges each role or organizational structure has.

I have answered 100s of actual on-the-job questions about Robert’s Rules. I can help you, too.

Here’s what webinar participants say:

The webinar on Newly Elected Roberts Rules of Survival Guide to be extremely helpful. It was very informative while being easy to follow. I learned a lot, and would highly recommend any new candidate to participate in this webinar.
Jeff Mack, Council Member, City of Oak Harbour, WA

The Meeting Minutes webinar was informative, quick-paced, and helpful. It confirmed the changes we’ve made are appropriate and I also learned some new things. Ann is a wonderful instructor and an amazing resource on Roberts Rules. I highly recommend taking the webinar.
Cindy Lenker, Administrative Assistant, Salem Electric

Excellent webinar (Ask Me Anything). Ann has an amazing depth of knowledge and answered all the questions deftly and provided good solutions and examples. Highly recommended.
David Rumsey, former President, American Translators Association

I appreciate hearing regular discussion about Robert’s Rule in the Ask Me Anything webinar. It keeps the subject fresh in my mind. I’m new in my position so hearing other questions and listening to Ann’s response makes me think about things I hadn’t previously considered. I’m grateful for the webinars!

I have attended both a webinar and in-person training, and I love the fast pace, yet clear instructions that makes Robert’s Rules and associated activities clear. I breath a sigh of relief.

This is where technology truly helps. [The webinar] saved the taxpayers money and saved us time and travel by viewing and participating in a webinar from my office. We look forward to the next one.


(most important technique in Robert's Rules)
60 minutes

  • Are you frustrated by the “system of motions” in Robert’s Rules of Order? It's not difficult, just weird!
  • Know what motions can be made at what time.
  • Manipulate Main Motions, Amendments, Refer to Committee, Call the Question, and Table.
  • Anticipate the right moves because you grasp the structure.
  • Influence meeting outcomes to achieve your goals.



(critical information for COVID times)
45 minutes

  • How can you navigate your online meetings? This webinar gives you 4 practical tools.
  • What’s the right way to keep order? You can keep order while keeping things pleasant.
  • “Oops! Did you just say that?” The chair's role when inappropriate remarks are made.
  • Learn meeting steps to help members discuss and decide… even over the internet.



(for elected officials)
45 minutes

  • You’re elected! Now what? The Survival Guide makes sure you’re ready for your first council meeting.
  • Want to change your vote? Learn rules for voting and requirements for changing
  • “Oops! Did you just say that?” How to avoid saying the wrong thing
  • Learn meeting steps to help members move forward… even when they disagree
  • Seasoned officials will learn something new with Ann’s insider guidance.



(what clerks and secretaries need to know)
72 minutes

  • End arguments & disagreements… reduce problems with minutes before they arise
  • Are detailed minutes best? No! Learn 6 reasons why detailed minutes are a bad idea.
  • Know when to speak up… and how to be taken seriously.
  • Understand the different roles of the clerk at the meeting.
  • Get reference materials you can use again and again to help you process your minutes.


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