New online course!  Take Control of Your Meetings Using Robert's Rules

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Out-of-control meetings increase your liability risk and waste time, effort and money. This self-paced course will equip you to run controlled, fair and democratic meetings.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe how to conduct meetings as a “benevolent dictator.”
  • State the correct action when fundamental guidelines are broken.
  • Process the motions Point of Order and Appeal.
  • Label and respond to five inappropriate remarks.
  • Assert the authority of the group when the chair is out of line.

The course consists of 16 short video lectures averaging 6 minutes each. They are easy-to-digest little bites that you can watch on your phone or computer at a time that suits your schedule. Total time is less than 2 hours. You will also receive 35 reference PDFs.