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Citizen’s Guide to Public Meetings (PDF)

This Citizen’s Guide explains how Robert’s Rules and parliamentary procedure work in public meetings in Washington State. It is a pro bono project prepared by a group of nine professional registered parliamentarians. You will have a simple, easy-to-understand guide to many troubling questions. 10 pages.

Essential Parliamentary Procedure for Schools (PDF)

This paper is written for middle- and high-school students who have no acquaintance with Robert’s Rules or parliamentary procedure. It starts at the very beginning and helps everyone to grasp the key principles behind this essential aspect of our society. Readers of all ages will benefit! 6 pages.

Guidelines for good discussions in casual groups (PDF)

Do you want better meetings but hate the idea of too much formality? These easy-to-understand guidelines have the power to transform your meetings. They are based on simple fairness and will improve any board’s process. 2 pages.

Speak with authority using Robert’s Words (PDF)

The official book of Robert’s Rules of Order is long and complicated. This paper extracts the key rules for discussion and debate that every chair should know. The rule is given, and also the exact words and page citation from the book. 9 pages.