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Jurassic Parliament offers multiple channels of information and support, to help you run your meetings with authority and grace.

Free Seattle workshop

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Nonprofit boards sometimes spend too much time at their meetings with little result. Learn simple guidelines that will make your meetings much more effective. We promise you will enjoy this experience and take away great tools for success.

In-Person Training

Together we will plan a workshop that covers necessary topics for you and your council. Most workshops are three or four hours in length. We also offer two-hour or all-day workshops. Our workshops are entertaining, interactive, and impactful!

Videoconference Training

Our “Robert’s Rules Survival Training” will put all your council on the same page! In one hour we cover the essential information so people understand the positive structure that Robert’s Rules give. Everyone learns how to discuss and debate in a constructive and positive way, making better decisions.


Our book Mastering Council Meetings: A Guidebook for Elected Officials and Local Governments, is a unique resource. It provides vital information in a handy, user-friendly format for elected officials and staff. You can master the system of motions and use it to your advantage, and use effective language for your meetings.

Free Resources

Jurassic Parliament provides a wealth of free resources for you to run effective meetings. Download our PDFs, subscribe to our email list and blog, and schedule a free telephone call to address your issues.