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Essential Guidelines

Download our free Essential Guidelines PDFs
and use Robert's Rules to serve your community better!

These short little papers cover the most important points you need from Robert's Rules.

City Councils

Shoreline City Council
© Shoreline City Council Washington 2018.

Citizen Advisory Committees

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County Councils

San Juan County Council
© San Juan County Council Washington 2018.

HOA and Condominium Boards

River Point HOA Board of Directors. © Four Point News, Texas 2015.
River Point HOA Board of Directors.
© Four Point News, Texas 2015.

Junior and High Schools

Student government
Essentials of parliamentary procedure for people completely new to the subject.

Meeting Minutes in Local Government

Paper with pen and meeting minutes
All about meeting minutes.

Nonprofit Boards

Rotary of Madison Board Meeting
© Rotary of Madison Wisconsin 2018.

Planning Commissions

Planning Commission
Planning Commission

Professional Societies

ATA Board of Directors
© American Translators Association 2018.

Public Comment in Local Government

Port of Kennewick Commission Washington
© Port of Kennewick Washington 2017.

Public Health District Boards

King County APublic Hospital District No. 4 Board
© King County Public Hospital District
No. 4, Washington 2017.

Risk Pool Boards

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School District Boards

Alpine Utah School District Board
© Alpine School District Utah 2018.

Small Casual Groups

Your small casual group can function effectively without fuss or formality by using these guidelines.

Special District Boards

Scotts Valley Water District Board
© Scotts Valley Water District California 2017.