On-Demand Webinar – Difficult Board Chair or Member


GOAL: To empower you to respond appropriately to a difficult board chair and to deal with a difficult member

Do you have a board chair who thinks they are the king of the castle? Do you have a board member who doesn’t understand that board work requires cooperation? Robert’s Rules has principles, tools and guidelines that will make all the difference to your meetings. Take this on-demand webinar and obtain the tools you need for bringing difficult people in line.

Length: 45 minutes.  Bonus: Reference PDFs including slides and other key materials.

This is an individual product for your personal use. Contact us for a group license.




Elected chairs sometimes assume that they are the “decider” and can direct the course of board meetings as they choose. What can members do when a chair has this misunderstanding? What if it’s a board member who lacks the spirit of cooperation and compromise? Robert’s Rules has answers for you! Get tools to manage your meetings in the face of dysfunction.


I.   Introduction

II.  Managing behavior

III. Role of the chair

IV. Point of Order and Appeal

V.  Difficult member

VI. Sanctions

VII. Difficult chair

VIII.  Review and conclusion

Ann G. Macfarlane, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, is energetic, outgoing, and she knows her stuff. You will enjoy the depth of knowledge she brings to this webinar and her engaging presentation style.


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