Lesson 1: How to install LearnDash

In this livestream replay, LearnDash Training Specialist James Tryon demonstrates how to get started using LearnDash, covering the “hot topics” like WordPress themes, user registration, WooCommerce configuration, and more! Want to be notified when there is another livestream? Subscribe to the channel and join our Facebook Group! https://learndash.com/facebook ## TIMESTAMPS ## 0:00 Getting Started 2:50 Setting up a local install 15:00 Reviewing/Installing plugins 16:45 Installing a New Theme 19:00 Installing LearnDash 21:15 Adding LearnDash Add-ons 23:45 Adding Starter Templates 27:00 Import LearnDash Academy 33:00 Basic WooCommerce Setup 38:00 Differences in Course Types 41:00 User Registration Tips 49:30 Fix Course Page Import 52:00 Intro to CartFlows 1:06:00 WooCommerce Coupons 1:09:00 Woo Account Creation at Checkout 1:13:45 Cartflows Review 1:16:30 WooCommerce Shortcodes 1:19:00 My Accounts Page 1:30:00 Adding Post Purchase Notes 1:36:00 Product Type Explanations 1:43:00 Using WooCommerce for Free Courses