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Ask Me Anything - Free

What do you really want to know about Robert's Rules and better meetings? This is your chance! Ask Ann anything live and get great answers. Valuable information is provided in a light style.

This was a nice, relaxed format where no question was too small or specific. It was like a conversation over coffee with an expert in their field. Very enjoyable.  Gary Kipp

Better Meetings Advance Social Justice - Free

GOAL: To empower social justice advocates to run effective and impactful meetings

Social justice meetings deal with important issues that generate strong emotions. It can be challenging to create consensus for action. This webinar covers 4 guidelines that allow every voice to be heard and all opinions to be considered. Learn how to harness individual passion in your meetings to bring about social change. The event will be recorded and published. Space is limited. No charge.



Effective Video and Telephone Meetings

This on-demand webinar reviews whether remote meetings are possible for your organization, and presents best practices to run effective meetings by video or telephone. Get the insights you need to run powerful meetings at a distance.

I would like to thank you for this very helpful webinar. It was clear and easy to follow. And the information was applicable--and easy to apply. I have been quoting it every day.  Eyvor Fogarty, UK


Get What You Want Using Motions

Are you frustrated by the system of motions in Robert’s Rules? It isn’t difficult, it’s just weird! Learn how to use motions to influence the outcome of your meetings and achieve your goals.

Great School Board Meetings

GOAL: To invigorate you to run effective school board meetings

Does your school board function like a well-oiled machine? Or do personality issues and differing expectations throw sand in the gears? Equip yourself to draw out the best in your colleagues and help them work together effectively. Work harmoniously with your superintendent and serve your students, teachers and community.  Recording and handout will be provided. Space is limited.


Meeting Minutes in Robert's Rules

Processing meeting minutes in Robert's Rules can be tricky! Learn the key points in this on-demand webinar and process your minutes brilliantly.

The webinar was informative, quick-paced, and helpful. For the past couple of years we’ve been trying to incorporate changes in our board minutes that have been suggested by our attorney however, people are sometimes resistant to change. This webinar confirmed that the changes we’ve made are appropriate and needed to happen. I also learned some new things. Ann is a wonderful instructor and an amazing resource on Roberts Rules. I highly recommend taking the webinar, you won’t regret it!   Cindy Lenker, Executive Assistant, Lane Electric


Test Your Skills at a Mock Meeting

GOAL: To give you tools to run good meetings by demonstrating what shouldn't happen

Would you like to build your confidence at board meetings? Attend our mock board meeting and test your knowledge when faced with difficulties! We will demonstrate common board situations live, and you will vote anonymously on the correct response. Guaranteed to be entertaining and informative. This is a live event and no recording will be provided. Space is limited.


Troubleshooting Online Meetings

This webinar discusses the special challenges and pain points in our “brave new world” of online meetings. Get tips contributed by colleagues and answers to your questions. The focus is on the meeting itself, though we will cover some technical issues. This course is only available live; no recording will be provided.

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