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About Andrew Estep

With over 20 years of association management experience, Andrew Estep, CAE, is well versed in all aspects of association management: executive support; strategic planning, alignment, and implementation; membership and customer service; coalition building with key stakeholders and sponsors; and event management. He understands the value and logistics of leveraging technology and internet-based systems to provide excellent service. He is a champion of collaborative processes, understanding the wisdom that nonprofit boards of directors and committees can offer their organizations.

With his friend and colleague, Ann Macfarlane, Andrew developed the Jurassic Parliament service line in 2007, providing leadership and meeting management training and information rooted in Robert’s Rules of Order to not-for-profit organizations. He co-authored Mastering Council Meetings: A guidebook for elected officials and local governments, published in 2013. He continues to work with Ann as Jurassic Parliament continuously improves its training and resources.

Andrew became a Certified Association Executive in 2008. He also has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, which wasn’t nearly as hard to obtain. In 2018, Andrew became the Executive Director of the Washington State PTA. There he puts his experience, skills, and talents to work serving the children, parents, teachers and schools of the state.

In his off hours, Andrew regularly gathers with friends to have dinner and play board games. He spends the warmer weekends working in the yard and coaxing his vegetable garden to grow. He can also be found exploring his interest in technology by playing video games online with friends all over the world. His over-sized rat terrier, Kai, also keeps him busy.

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